Fireball Liqui-Fusion Reviews

Fireball Liqui-Fusion is a product mainly used by body-builders and athletes that need to lose body fat faster. Now, from what I could uncover from the little information available online, this is completely natural and should not create side effects, but professional recommend seeing a doctor before taking the pills and making sure that, at least at first, you only take a minimum dose, two or three with four hours between them should start burning the fat.

Does Fireball Liqui-Fusion Work?

I wasn’t able to track down an official site of this product and no complete list of ingredients, but, as mentioned above, a professional said that Fireball Liqui-Fusion is completely safe to use and entirely made out of natural ingredients. Until further notice, you can take as the truth or choose another product.

As far as prices are concerned there isn’t a fixed one. Seems like every other retailer puts his own price on these pills and I can’t tell you for sure what the average is and what you should expect.

The handful of people that I found using this product said that it worked in a way, but not very effective or side effect free either. In this respect, I believe it would be better to get the advice of an expert (a doctor) before trying these pills, and in any case, avoid over dosing. One guy said he took 7 the first day and his heart had trouble staying in his chest. This is not a toy and you might get seriously injured if you aren’t careful.

I find acai berry is better than this product, you can read our review of Acai Berry Pills.

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  1. Dave says:

    I took them for about a month,and i didnt see any results.I did take alot in the start and did feel like crap.

  2. Sheyla says:

    I took them and finish on the hospital :(

  3. john ritter says:

    fireball liquid-fusion is made by precision engineered, which is a sister company of vitamin world. you can find a list of the ingridents at any vitamin world store

  4. Nathan says:

    I am a high school wrestler and I needed to lose weight fast. I took the fireballs along with a fat free protein isolate. I worked out everyday and was on a strict diet. Ended up dropping from 191lbs to 168lbs in a month. The only side effect was that it kind of messed with my heart when at practice, so I limited the dosage. Just don’t be a dummy about how many you take as they can affect your heart. The guy at vitamin world suggested taking a half dose for the first couple days to get use to it before diving right in, which was very good advice. So, they worked for me, but I wouldn’t encourage them for extended use. Just drop the weight quick with these and maybe switch over to CLA to keep the weight off.

  5. ernesto valdez says:

    there realy good u do lose fat i notice my six pack more!

  6. Brittany says:

    I bought these because no matter what I did and still do I just keep gaining weight…vitamin world pushed these SO hard @$80 I said fine I’ll try and again no results when I went in to complain they just said I was the very first person to ever complain so I must be doing it wrong.

  7. Mauricio says:

    They do work i have used them for 2 months now and with a ligth 30 min workout they work preaty good

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